Milk Tea – $3.25

Milk Tea (Black or green)
Hazelnut Milk Tea
Almond Milk Tea
Strawberry Milk Tea
Honey Milk Tea (Black or green)
Honeydew Milk Tea
Taro Milk Tea
Coconut Milk Tea

Japanese Green Milk Tea (Matcha)
Thia Tea
Milk Tea Slush
Thai Tea Slush
Chocolate Milk Tea
Espresso Milk Tea
Panda Milk Tea -
Mung bean milk tea, pandan leaves and pandan jelly.

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Flavored Tea – REG:$3.25 | POOL SIZE:$5.99

Moonlight Mango: Mango, peach and green mango bits with mango star jelly.

Crimson Peach: Peach tea imbued in lavish strawberry essence.

Tropical Twister: Strawberry and lychee with lychee bits, and basil seeds.

Pom Pom Peach: Refreshing pomegranate juice, real peach and basil seeds.

Laughing Buddha: Pineapple green tea with fresh orange juice and pineapple bits.

Triple Stars: Raspberry, lemon and honey in green tea wih rainbow jelly.

T. G. I. F: The tartly combo of Green apple and Passionfruit

Cloud 9: Kiwi, strawberry tea with grass jelly.

Cold Eraser: Strawberry lemonade with lemon slice.

Bull Rider: Strawberry green tea and red bull.

Blossom: Lovely fragrance of anthem flowers tea shaken with longan honey and topped with aloe vera bits.

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Original Flavored Tea – REG:$2.50 | POOL SIZE:$5.24

Available in Black or Green

Add Any Flavor +$0.35/each

Green Apple

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Snow Ice – REG:$4.99 | POOL SIZE:$12.99

Da Bomb: Strawberry flavor snow ice topped with fresh strawberry, mango and banana.

Mango 101: Mango flavor snow lce topped with mountain of fresh cut mango.

X. T. C: Strawberry flavor snow lce topped with fresh strawberry and chocolate drizzle.

The Grinch: Green tea flavor snow ice topped with sweet red beans and chewy mochi.

O. C. Sunset: Original flavor snow ice topped with grass jelly and flan. Customers favorite!

Choco Addict: Coffee flavor snow ice topped with oreo and chocolate wafer sticks.

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Shaved Ice – REG:$4.99 | POOL SIZE:$9.99

All shaved ice come with free boba and ice cream on top. Please pick any 4 of our yummy add-on. Add fresh strawberry, mango or banana for $1.00 extra.

Add On +$0.45/each | Additional Add on +$0.60/each

Coconut Jelly (Lychee/Green Apple/ Coffe/ Rainbow)
Almond Jelly/Grass Jelly/Mango Star Jelly/Pandan Jelly
Boba/Black Mini Boba/White Mini Boba/Pom Pearl
Aloe Vera – Red Beans – Basil Seed
Pudding (Milk, Egg, Taro, Coffee)

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The Milky Way – Large Only: $3.50

0. M. G: Red beans, pom pearls, grass jelly, pandan jelly and white mini boba it sweet coconut milk.

Awesome 3 Some: Pom pearls, pandan jelly and grass jelly in sweet coconut milk.

Coco Loco: Post pearls, egg pudding, almond pudding, taro pudding, white mini boba and boba in sweet coconut milk.

Sweetie Thai: Jelly lychee, longan, jackfruit, pom pearls and palm seeds in creamy half and half milk.

The Sticky Mess: Chunky avocado in sweet condensed milk.

Camel Ride: Grass jelly, egg pudding and boba in yummy caramel sauce.

Chocotopia: Almond jelly, coffee pudding and boba in irresistible chocolate sauce

Just Shoot Me: Coffee pudding, boba in espresso sauce.

Total Detox: Apple, Orange, Carrot, Aloe Vera bits.

Total Detox: Apple, Orange, Carrot, Aloe Vera bits.

Summer Breeze: Fresh strawberry, mango, jack fruit, longan, pandan jelly, basil seeds and rainbow jelly in fresh coconut juice (no milk).

Avalanche: Chunky avocado, durian and ccffee jelly in sweet condensed milk

Black Out: Grass jelly, coffee jelly and boba in coconut milk.

7th Heaven: Honey logan, coconut meat, basil seed, pandan jelly, grass jelly and aloe vera in fresh young coconut juice.

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Pure Cold Fresh Juice – $4.49

All of our fruit juices are freshly made to order with 100% fruit juice, not water added and no preservative. You can choose to have it virgin (no sugar) or sweetened by our organic logan honey or house-made pure can sugar sryup.

Green Giant: Fresh green Pennywort juice sweetened by organic logan honey or pure can sugar.

Pen-Co: Pennywort juice blends with fresh young coconut juice and coconut meat.

Rainmist: Pennywort juice blends with mung beans.

Passion Punch: Passionfruit, green apple bits and plum.

Super C: Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple and Orange slice.

A.S.A.P: Apple, Strawberry, Aloe Vera bits, Pineapple.

Awaken: Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lemon Slice and a hint of fresh ginger.

Pink: Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon and Green Apple bits.

Total Detox: Apple, Orange, Carrot, Aloe Vera bits.

Total Detox: Apple, Orange, Carrot, Aloe Vera bits.

Lime Light: Honeydew, Orange, Green Apple, Lime and Mint.

Coco Bay: Pineapple, Young Coconut juice and Coconut meat.

Make your own juice: pick any three

Green Apple
Red Apple
Young Coconut Juice

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Smoothies – REG:$3.529 | LARGE:+$0.60

1. Aloha Colada: Pineapple, coconut with pineapple chunks.

2. Fruity In Da Booty: Strawberry banana, pineapple and green mango bits.

3. Bikini Peach: Refreshing peach with strawberry swirls loaded with lots of strawberry.

4. Strawnana: A classic combo of strawberry and banana.

5. Jack Gu-ru: Jack fruit and lychee with lychee jelly.

6. Bimmer Girl: Strawberry, peach, and mango.

7. Avolcano (REG: $4.49 | LARGE: $5.09): A whole fresh avocado.

8. The Berry Best: Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and banana.

9. Cookies and Cream: Vanilla and oreo.

10. Coco-Taro-Nut: Coconut and taro together will sure drive you nut.

11. Bananarama: Vanilla with fresh banana.

12. Honeymoon: Living in paradise with sweet honeydew and rainbow jelly.

13. Choco Choco: Chocolate, cappuccino and oreo.

14. Sunburned White Boy: Vanilla with strawberry swirls.

15. Orange Saeamsicle: Orange popside comes to drinks.

16. Purple Urkle: Tum your addiction to the unique blend of taro and red beans.

17. Acai (REG: $4.49 | LARGE: $5.09): Acai, strawberry cherry, peach and banana.

18. Double D: Durian. Double!

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Slushies – REG:$3.29 | LARGE:+$0.60

1. Jollie Ranger: Strawberry, Honeydew, Mango and Watermelon.

2. Day & Night: Mango Slushie on Top of Strawberry Slushie.

3. Tango Mango: Mango, Peach, Raspberry swirls and Green Mango bits.

4. The Monkey: Peach, Strawberry with tons of fresh Strawberry and Peach bits.

5. Very Berry Berry: Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry enhanced with Strawberry bits.

6. East Vs. West: Tropical Lychee tackles wild Strawberry with Lychee bits.

7. Sour Power: The tartly combo of Green apple and Passionfruit

8. Passion Twist: A splurge of zesty Passionfruit and Strawberry

9. Pineapple Kush: Pineapple and Orange with chunks of Pineapple.

10. Honey,…dew Peach Have Passion?: A phenom mix of Honeydew, Peach and Passionfruit.

11. Kiwi Kiss: Kiwi, Strawberry with lots of Sweet Peaches.

12. incREDible: Juicy RED Strawbery with Tartly Lemon.

13. F.Y.B.: Strawberry & Pineapple with Strawberry bits.

14. Kick in the Glass: Watermelon & Peach.

15. Litchiholic: Lychee bits and Jelly.

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Original Slushies – REG:$3.29 | LARGE:+$0.60

Matcha Green Tea
Green Apple
Milk Tea Slush
Thai Tea Slush
Red Beans

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Javaddiction – REG:$3.09 | LARGE:+$0.60 | Blend or Hot $0.50

1. Vietnamese Coffee $2.50 Large +1.50

2. Volcano Lava Run (Ice/Blend)

3. Cappuccino (Ice/Hot/Blend)

4. Cafe Mocha (Ice/Hot/Blend)

5. Chai Latte (Ice/Blend)

6. Gourmet Latte (Ice/Hot/Blend): Origina, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond, Mocha, Caramel, Chocolate

7. White Chocolate Mocha (Blend)

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