Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge

Our Name

Tebo Tebo is first in introducing the concept of placing your to-go tea, more encompassing, your drink, in a bottle. The tradition of drinking tea dates back to innumerable generations before us. To continue with this tradition as well as to blend with this new age, we modernized the means of drinking tea and introduced “tea in a bottle.” Hence derived the name of our place: Tea + bottle = Tebo.

What we’re about.

Nowadays, most individuals are concerned with going green by being environmentally friendly – us included. Placing our drinks in a fashionable Tebo bottle instead of a plastic/paper to-go cup upholds this. Feel free to recycle, reduce, and reuse! Instead of simply throwing out your Tebo bottle, we hope, and encourage, that you save it and be creative to use it for other purposes (e.g. hold water, vase for flowers, etc.).

Our Tebo bottles, however, are not designed like your coca-cola prototype bottles. Instead they’re specifically crafted with a wide neck so that not only can you enjoy the fresh fruits mixed with the drinks, but also enjoy the fresh aroma of the tea!

We’re proud that here at Tebo Tebo, although the drinks are delivered in a bottle, we don’t make it until you order to avoid a premade, mass produced type of drink that are often on shelves at your local 7-eleven. Every drink is catered to your taste buds: how you want it and any way you want it.

Notwithstanding, we sincerely anticipate that you invite your family and friends to share the Tebo Tebo experience. Tebo Tebo’s construction purport is to ensure a genial, comfortable environment in which you and your loved ones can connect, exchange, and build.

With this said, we hope that you have a lasting experience here at Tebo Tebo.

Join the Tebo Team!

We’re always on a lookout for young, energetic individuals to join our terrific Tebo Team! Come work in a fast-paced yet exciting environment. Meet cool, fun-loving co-workers. Be relaxed to express your individuality. Build essential social, personal, and work skills. Most importantly, you’re always at Tebo Tebo! We look forward to your application.

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